Womanizers Profiling: New ten Kind of Participants (W/Videos)

Womanizers Profiling: New ten Kind of Participants (W/Videos)

As you know, Everyone loves psychology and that i want to play with science for everybody the content on this site. I additionally features just a bit of a last as the a new player, that produces with the finest consolidation to type this short article.

By the end of post, you’ll know the latest psychology off participants, what forms of users is nowadays, and you will just what pushes and you can encourages them.


  1. Find (easy) girls to help you impregnate and you may dump
  2. Score big with high-high quality woman and you may grow people together

However, speaking of not several antithetical and you will ounts, are present in every men (and, within the less quantity, throughout women, too).

That means that very guys, inside a romance, can get an instinctual push to find almost every other lady to help you have sex with (read more towards why some one cheat ). Particularly when people other ladies are glamorous and you may seemingly simple.

Most philanders have a tendency to a little miss a far more severe matchmaking. Of numerous people indeed tend to adhere particular lady they mix path that have.

Albeit there clearly was typically some section of one another athlete and you can relationships-seeker in the same kid, some men are (far) much more about the right otherwise (far) more about the newest left.

Dating males often bring and you will purchase due to their ladies, as well as lay a high worthy of on non-physical incontri online Women’s Choice qualities you to participants do (internet explorer.: personality, cleverness, get a hold of Regan, 2000).

When you are participants commonly prefer youngsters and you will seems and you may, normally, provide quicker. What members guarantee is actually an adventure, a beneficial whirlwind off love and you will, possibly, great gender.

#1. Slaves to enjoy Womanizer

It’s a misconception that all players is manipulative and you may parece that have women, as well as being untrue that users “just want to fu*k girls”.

Casanova particular players will really love you. And you will like your deeply and you will warmly. However the state for some of them people is the fact “women” try plural. Actually the second element of Casanovas’s quotation try

Casanova brand of lovers tend to consider you permanently, consider you fondly, otherwise score heartbroken when they depart… Nevertheless they create leave.

These types of participants like an impression out-of relationship. Therefore the goodbye is normally part of the romance. There can be an intolerable-nice, poetic touch in goodbyes.

I know it does voice junk for some people, but some out-of the best moments out-of a sexual run into is walking the lady back. And lots of off my personal sweetest memory was farewells to partners which went out (otherwise existed when i went out).

To you, it means you must be on the lookout. Brand new Casanova particular player is the variety of athlete who is probably to break your own heart .

He’ll get into your life which have a great whirlwind out-of romance and you may passions, things maybe you have never ever knowledgeable just before. And this will become amazing… Until he needs to go for some other love.

Do It End?

This is basically the archetype of the “ever-swinging womanizer”. They will certainly always keep a watch unlock to other ladies. Whenever Casanovas end, they often times will not be truly happy -and can possibly cheating-.

#dos. New Visual-Heart Womanizer

Several provides a little bit of madness and you may irrationality. This can be a typical example of a boy who has got too much in the new mercy off their own ideas to totally cater -or perhaps influenced- because of the her. That’s glamorous.

And some have even a mean move, that is a powerful seductive feature to possess lowest self-respect girls and you may lady having masochistic tendencies.

Some are more gentle, which have a brooding identification otherwise a white sadness on the subject, an excellent veil of depression, a desire to be out of the way -and therefore people love to provide-. Think about Kurt Cobain, to try out “Nevermind” unplugged, missing within his tunes in accordance with a touch of all alone depression.

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